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And Here We Go...!

Posted On Friday, February 19, 2010

Hot on the heels of sending my book off to Ka-Blam for printing, I drafted up an article that was so graciously posted on, boasting both my success with creating the book from start to finish, and putting my process to the test! It sparked only ONE comment, from columnist Tyler James, which was a fantastic analysis of my process, helping me to further lock down how I intend for this project to affect the self-publishing world at large. I can only hope that the lack of further comments is a sign that all possible questions have been answered and not a sign that people just don't care! :p

I also got the opportunity to plug my next project, "Doing A Bid," where I look at the practice of freelance artists using a general page rate and ask if that's really the way we should be doing it??!

And finally, the good folks at Ka-Blam/Indyplanet sent me notice that my book Omnibus #1 is ready for pre-order! This is truly some dream come true business for me and I couldn't be more excited OR focused on what my future WILL bring!

Whoopsie 2.0! (Missed it by that much)...

Posted On Friday, February 12, 2010

So, I missed my intended release date of January 2010, and while I was bummed I didn't make it (so much thought, time and effort goes into the production of a comic book, I don't know how ANYONE can justify not calling it art!) I was hell bent to keep on working. I did shave off a few pages of story to try and eek things out a little closer to finish, and I'm quite proud to share that I just sent off the work to the printer!!!! Estimated shipping date is 3/11/10, however, resting on my laurels now that the BOOK is done, just ain't my style! I've got a whole bevy of assaults to launch on the promotional front, particularly because I decided to pass on attempting any sponsors in favor of just getting the work done! I figure once I have a product in hand to show them my capabilities, it will be easier to get more folks on board! Big thanks to everyone who has supported me in this venture and I can't wait to show you what else I have in store!
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