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Posted On Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm just a few pages away from being done! Here are some promo pics I've put together to commemorate my progress!

Crisis of Faith/Keeping the Dream Alive...

Posted On Friday, January 8, 2010

If any of you know me, you'll attest that being a comic book illustrator has not been goal or sincere passion of mine for nearly ten years. I'll admit, I do enjoy doing art and will happily pick up a pen or pencil in the name of good fun, charity or a challenge, but setting up to do it for the long haul just hasn't been my thing. As I started on this journey, the weight of trepidation crept up my back and found a home squarely on my shoulders and I burdened myself with a hellacious question -- what if I'm not good enough?! With my deadline quickly approaching, I panicked and contacted my friend and frequent collaborator, Mike Watson, asked him to pitch in. It took a bit of canoodling, but Mike eventually agreed -- and then it happened -- I felt it. Ambition. That push, that tug, that feeling rose up in my like a wild fire! This wasn't some haphazard project for me to commission here or there, this was MY chance to do something revolutionary and if the art isn't up to par, well, then I better keep drawing and hope that my skills improve by next issue! I consider that my lowest point as an artist and while I thank Mike for being willing to step in and save the day, I have to thank myself even more for not giving him the chance! I'm only 6 pages away from completion and I'm still buzzing by how much I've been able to accomplish! This is oddly the dream come true of my 10 year old self and I don't plan on letting that little guy down! So, my goal is to finish all the pencils and inks this weekend and have the book sent off to Ka-Blam by next Friday (which also is the birthday of my youngest brother and my father)! I thank anyone who has spent even a moment browsing this site and hope that I can count on your support when the book hits the proverbial (internet) shelves! Keep Cre-8ing!!!
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