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Posted On Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just wanted to give an update on what I've gotten so far -- here are a few of the title headings I've created over the past few days, including a brand new logo for WizWorld Inc! All of the pieces were originally constructed in Adobe Illustrator with some slight color adds in Photoshop.
Omnibus -- For this logo, I wanted something that would really look good on a stark white cover -- I'm not saying that's what I'm going to have, but that was my idea. My visual guide was the title heading for Marvel Comics' Avengers Forever (Busiek/Pacheco).
Xeric Jackson/North Star-6 -- I kind of wanted something that was sci-fi, but not specifically anything like Star Wars or Star Trek. I must confess a slight inspiration from the Stargate series, though. Kudos if you catch the self-publishing nod in the title (winks)!
The Charger -- I wanted more of a pulp magazine feel and while that was specifically my plan for all of these, I think this came the closest to really feeling that way. If I do any more stories featuring The Charger, I like already having the title piece ready. I'm a BIG Kevin Smith fan, so yes, I did name The Charger's alter ego after a character of his -- hopefully he won't mind!
Recount -- I wanted something that felt like a boxing match title card. I'm considering adding a box frame around "Recount" with possibly 3 gold stars filling the arch. I do like what I have here, I'm only spit balling a bit.
For the new WizWorld Inc logo, I looked at the work of fellow Ohioan, Paul Pope's heading designs for his self-published pulp mag "THB," and like THB, I can't say that the logo won't change with each issue...but at least this one is standing for now!
Hope you guys like what I've got so far, I may post up some pinups of the 3 main characters from these stories a bit later. Thanks for watching, stay tuned and keep cre-8ing!
*(sorry for the strange formatting, my attempts to edit the paragraphs has failed repeatedly.)

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