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Press Release Preview

Posted On Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just to keep everyone updated on my progress, I wanted to preview the press release naming the title I will publish in the bounds of this challenge:

An active experiment on the bounds and requirements of self-publishing.

In response to the views and comments shared during the Indie and Small Press Panel at this year’s Mid-Ohio Con, Victor Dandridge, chairman of WizWorld Inc, wrote a rebuttal article, challenging the assumed practices and obstacles inherent to self-publishing. While the article sparked a measure of discussion/debate from the onset, it was one of the latter commentaries that suggested that the ideas from the article be put to the test. In an effort to comply with the challenge and truly showcase the merit of the ideas within his article, Victor Dandridge dutifully accepted!

This coming January (2010), published through WizWorld Inc, Victor Dandridge will release Omnibus, a 28-32 page, full color anthology, featuring more than 7 original stories (both in comic narrative and prose)! Printed through online print-on-demand company Ka-Blam, the book will be published following the plans laid out by Dandridge in the article, with a few modifications, all of which will be catalogued on his blog at

If successful, this would create a model that aims at immediate profits through a lack of required financial investment, ideally impacting the self-publishing practices for generations!

And just to keep the interest flowing, below are synopsises for a few of the titles featured in this first anthology from WizWorld Inc:

The SamaritanWaging a quiet war against mankind’s inhumanity, a lone, super-powered drifter opts to affect individual lives over grand scale heroics. (Some mature themes; parental guidance suggested)

Grand Commander and the Planet of Heroes – The super-powered population of a distant planet police the cosmos, with the spirit and charm of a Saturday morning cartoon. (All ages)

Wonders of the Great Beyond A family of eccentric explorers work to keep Earth safe from threats of the unknown and fantastic. (All ages)

Stay tuned for more updates including character sketches and more! And keep cre-8ting!!!

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