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First Days on the Job

Posted On Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So my first effort in fulfilling this challenge was initiated this past weekend. As I've detailed before, I host a mini-con at the local theatre, The Arena Grand, appropriately dubbed -- Arena Con -- and I decided that I would use the venue to kick start things. The plan was simple: I would do sketches, as usual, selling each for only a $1, with the intent of reaching a sales goal of only $50.00. I would tell anyone and everyone within earshot of why I was doing this, if only to garner a little more attention to the project as a whole and possibly get some people interested in the final product later.

While the total con usually runs about twelve hours over 2 days, I significantly cut down on my appearance time, which I'll admit did hurt my intake a bit. But still, being there only about five hours, I still was able to earn $26, selling, maybe 10 sketches (I had a few people who were pleased enough by the challenge itself that they deemed it worthy of support).

Now, it might seem like I failed a bit, with not hitting my intended goal of $50, but I must protest -- I have FAR from failed! If I were to "cash out" with my $26 I would be able to print 8-9 books through Ka-Blam depending on the size and page count. For this challenge, I'm going for an anthology style pulp comic/magazine, standard size with full color cover and interiors. The total count will run about 28-32 pages and keeping the Ka-blam ad on the back cover, it comes with a maximum expense of $25.46 (before shipping). While its my intention to make the books I print my "in store" copies, if I were to sell this set at a $4 ea (which is reasonable for small press books, depending on content) I'd net $36 total profit! Again, doesn't seem like much, but few of us are turning over a profit so quickly (and remember, it IS profit because I didn't invest any of MY money to fund this!)

Maybe I'm being greedy, but I totally want to hit my $50 fundraising mark, so I'll probably devote a few more hours at the theatre -- but already things are showing promise! It really is THAT easy! Check back soon and keep cre-8ing!

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