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The Big Hard Return!

Posted On Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its been my goal to make a name for myself in the self-publishing market, ideally speaking, creating some seminal work that forces the world to take note and admonish...while no such work has escaped from my mind to the page, I do believe that I've found where first my influence may be felt -- the MECHANICS of self-publishing. For a while I've been nurturing an idea for conducting my self-publishing business, one that "if successfully lucrative," could revolutionize the way we all go about the game. Truthfully, I had planned to keep my things secret, but I was recently compelled to change my mind.

Due to the views expressed during the Mid-Ohio Comic Con's Independent Publishers Panel, which I felt served NO purpose but to exacerbate the same obstacles and troubles that have plagued self-publishing for decades, I wrote a rebuttal article which was graciously posted at In it, I directly challenge the ideas presented, with specific emphasis on the idea of what it takes, financially, to self-publish. The article did spark some debate and in the end, I was challenged (so to speak) to take this next year and put my plan to the test! And I've gladly accepted that challenge! So this blog will continue being a journal for the progress of WizWorld Inc, but I hope that the posts over the next few months will serve as blueprint for abstract thinking and practices in the field of self-publishing. Stay tuned!

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