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Posted On Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's the night before the big event, ARENA CON, kicks off and I'm all kinds of excited. This has definitely been a learning experience and when I help organize the next one, I have a whole slew of ideas to make the show even better. For those of you unawares, allow me to explain what ARENA CON is all about. About 3yrs ago, while heading the artists coalition called The Co. (, I came upon the idea of using our "Fetch-A-Sketch" campaign in a local setting (specifically the Arean Grand Theatre ( during the opening weekend of comic book themed movies), to raise revenue for book production and kind of start a general promotion engine for ourselves as artists. It worked phenomenally well, funding such projects as "Please Press Start"and "Art of Darkness: The Art of Ren McKinzie." Although the time came for me to part ways with The Co. and start my own publishing venture (GO WIZWORLDINC!, GO!), I was definitely interested in keeping things going with the Arena Grand.

Thru my contact at the theatre (Hi Jewelee!!!) I learned that the theatre really liked what we had done, but certainly would be interested in developing things even more. With the approval of GM John Mueller, I set out to pull in as many local comic shop retailers, artists, writers and different comic book arts supportive entities as I could find. The end result -- ARENA CON!!! Over 2 days, the Arena Grand's lobby is gonna be turned into the hub of the convention, featuring 5 tables showcasing a number of elements of the local comic book scene.

Guest List:

Laughing Ogre
Dave's Clubhouse
Packrat Comics
Moore Comics
Hero Initiative
Sean McKeever
Uko Smith
Millard Draught
Max Ink
Sean Forney
and of course...WizWorldInc!

If you're around the Arena District, seeing The Dark Knight or not, stop on in and check us out. Con hours are Friday (4-8pm) and Saturday (2-8pm). There will be signings, books for sale and chances to get original artwork. And if you're artistically inclined, grab a sketch card on your way out, do a piece and turn it in the next time you're at the theatre -- all received pieces will be featured here in the weeks after the con!

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