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First Post...Woot!

Posted On Saturday, July 12, 2008

Welcome, welcome, welcome! What I hope this to be is an online chronicle, a journal if you will, of something new in the world of comics. At best, I hope to inspire others to try a different path and make their own way, not just in the world of comics but the world at large (yay, for happy feelings). At the worst, maybe this will serve as a cautionary tale and become a bigger joke than Rob Liefeld (crap, look at me burning bridges! Lol)*

Anywho. Let's see, where to start... With great power comes -- no, that's not it, but then again. As a creatively minded individual, I can say that what strikes me as most odd is the lack of follow-thru from most self-publishing endeavors. Or at least, what I'd consider conventional follow-thru. It seems like most creators out there finish their respective projects and expect the books to fly off the shelves, expediently, if not magically -- but, they sure don't come up with a plan for that. I don't think its the part of the BUSINESS that most creators consider, but by all means should. Just to create isn't enough, you gotta come up with a vehicle to push your product, whether that's an online store, from the trunk of your car, a back pack, whatever.

So, taking my own advice, that's the first thing I set out to do, even before building my art team(s) and finishing (read: starting) any particular project. Now, my means of doing this is pretty extreme, but if you can find your own way (or even some kind of version of mine), I think you're making some key steps forward. Now, on the basis of production cost (subject later), I know I can't afford a wide spread area of distribution -- though I've been told by friends in the industry that that's the best method of dissemination. Instead, I'm focusing on my home turf of Columbus, OH (Go Bucks!) and the comic book scene therein. Despite having such notables as Jeff Smith, Chris Sprouse and Darryl Banks (many others, but I'm just trying to illustrate here) call the capital city their home, the immediate awareness of comics is a bit hush. So, I'm helping to organize a mini-convention that will ideally help bridge the gap between the success of the comic book movie and those shops that specialize in the source material.

Coinciding with the premiere of WB's The Dark Knight, in association with the Arena Grand Theatre, WizWorldInc! will be hosting Arena Con! There's a strong disconnect between the theatres and the stores, where a person can enjoy the movie and the characters, but not know where to go or what to get to continue the experience. This is basically drawing a map, "find your comics here!" with the immediate benefit for WizWorldInc! of building a relationship with retailers. As an independent creator/publisher, its this sort of relationship that will be paramount in being able to distribute more than 5 issues of a project at a time to any of the 9 or so shops in the city. So, we'll see how well this actually works out, but on paper -- its a good idea. LoL!

*I'm a huge fan of Rob Liefeld's work...honest.

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