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Can't Tell Me Nuttin'!

Posted On Saturday, July 19, 2008

So in the hours after Arena Con wound down for its final day, I have to admit an intense bit of pride. While not necessarily the most successful financially, the whole thing was an absolute commercial hit, bringing a lot of the local comic book community to the forefront of general public knowledge. Right quick, I want to give thanks to EVERYONE that made Arena Con both possible and a success, so in no specific order:

John Mueller and the entire Arena Grand theatre staff -- you guys are an absolute gift and a blessing to the promotion of the arts! Without a doubt, without you, not a thing could've happened, but more than anything, you're willingness to try something different has introduced many to medium a lot of us feared was nearing its end.

Dave's Clubhouse, The Laughing Ogre, BackPorchComics/S.P.A.C.E., Sean McKeever, Sean & Stephanie Forney, Uko Smith, Max Ink, Millard Draught and Mike Watson/Freestyle Komics -- I appreciate so much that you guys were able to come thru and showcase your many talents. I hope this experience was as awesome for you as it was for me! I want to extend an invitation to you all for our next gig, tentatively slated for Aug 15, coinciding with the premiere of the Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Special mention to the Wexner Center -- Go see the Jeff Smith exhibit, up till Aug 3; The Cartoon Research Library -- a wonderfully hidden gem at Ohio State University; and lastly, but not leastly, Yankee Trader -- your domino masks were the best swag imaginable.

Thanks to everyone who came by and took part, I hope you all enjoyed yourself tremensely!

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